Useful info before traveling

Dear passenger; it is important for us that your trip with us will be a pleasant one and therefore we would like to inform you about the following:

Please provide the correct personal dates (name, surname, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number or identity card number) at the time of your reservation.

Please check carefully the details of your reservation and your travel documents (attention: your driving license is not a valid document for your trip!). In case your personal dates in the confirmation of reservation do not corrispond with your travel documentation, please inform immediately your travel agency to avoid the risk to be denied access on board.

Children and youngsters

Minors below 14 years old are not allowed to travel alone, they necessarily have to be accompanied by an adult.

Please check, before your departure, the attual dispositions in croatia and italy regarding the entrance in the country by unaccompanied minor or accompanied by an adult which is not his/her legal guardian.

If you are an italian traveller and in the documentation of your child the names of the parents are not indicated, it is advisable to carry with you a birth certificate or family certificate.

In case you travel with a child that is not your child, please carry with you a legal document with an authorisaton from the parents or legal guardian(s).


It is advisable to check before your departure that there are no changes in the date and/ or time of departure.

The check- in formalities close 30 minutes before the time of departure for the trips from Trieste, Croatia and Slovenia

During your trip

For your own safety and the safety of the other passengers, you must respect all rules and dispositions on board. These can be consulted on board, on our web site, and authorised sales points.

Regulation (EU)

Rights of Passengers

Enjoy your trip!