• Trieste


    Trieste is a cosmopolitan city, a melting pot of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages, where freedom of thought and a general openness set the tone.

  • Pirano (Piran)

    Pirano (Piran)

    Pirano (Piran), a picturesque town situated on the coast of the extreme west of Slovenian Istria, is not only an important maritime and cultural centre but also an important residential area.

  • Rovigno (Rovini)

    Rovigno (Rovini)

    Rovigno (Rovini) is 95 km away from Trieste and forms, together with Parenzo and Umago, the touristic heart of the Istria region.

  • Pola (Pula)

    Pola (Pula)

    With 62.000 inhabitants, Pula is the main city of the Istrian peninsula. Many tourists consider Pula the gateway to the beautiful beaches in the area, which is perhaps one of the most various and woody zones of all of Istria.

  • Parenzo - Porec

    Parenzo - Porec

    PARENZO (Porec), 65 km away from Trieste, is a famous tourist location frequented by a great number of tourists.