Parenzo - Porec

PARENZO (Porec), 65 km away from Trieste, is a famous tourist location frequented by a great number of tourists.
During the reign of Ottaviano it was transformed into a town and in the 1st Century was proclaimed the Colony Iulia Parentium.
After the fall of the Roman Empire it was dominated by several conquerors (Byzantines, Venetians, French and Austrians etc.) each of which have left their traces.
The urban point of the town is Roman, centred between 2 perpendicular lines, the Decumano and the Carlo Massimo, alongside which you can find the residential and shopping area.
Particularly worthwhile is a visit to the Base of Saint Eufrasio, a perfect example of Byzanthyne art, constructed in the 6th Century and declared Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.