Rovigno (Rovini)

Rovigno (Rovini) is 95 km away from Trieste and forms, together with Parenzo and Umago, the touristic heart of the Istria region.
It is situated on a hill and the view is dominated by the bell tower of the Church of Saint Eufemia, constructed in 1736 in a baroque style.

The old town is surrounded by walls, erected by the Venetians as protection against pirates (13th Century) and features steep stone paved streets. The sea, in front of the old town, is covered with small islands of which the most important is Crveni Otok, the so called “Red Island”. In the summer, Rovigno is a favourite destination for thousands of tourists to whom it offers, apart from its natural beauties, good services, numerous attractions such as sport facilities (scuba diving, rock climbing etc.), excellent cuisine and lots of music. From Rovigno starts all the maritime connections to the archipelago islands and the near Lime channel.